• Appropriate and Predictable support and funding for Elementary Indigenous Focus School
  • Creation of Indigenous Focus Secondary School
  • Provision of hot breakfast and hot lunch programs for students
  • Pursuit of the Employment Equity for Aboriginal Educators agreement
  • Commitment to Indigenous Enhancement Agreement
  • Willingness to meet and discuss with members and leaders of constituent communities
  • Re-commitment to discrete Social Justice programs at VSB including Advisory Committees
  • Increased District Anti-Racism, Anti-Homophobia and Diversity Mentors
  • Support for District emphasis on Early Literacy

Collective Agreements

  • Prioritize Recruitment and Retention Incentives and support
  • Full restoration of the VTF/ VSB Collective Agreement and a willingness to discuss improvements
  • Support for local Mentorship Program for new teachers
  • Believe in Local Bargaining as the best way to meet the needs of stakeholders and the Board
  • Honour and respect negotiated agreements with employee groups
  • Good faith grievance discussions
  • Will support joint training and education sessions with stakeholder groups on Collective Agreements
  • Fast tracking cross-District boundaries review

Stakeholder / Board Relations

  • Open Door policy for employee representatives
  • Increased training for Administrators and District Staff
  • Commitment to building a community among VSB management, elected trustees, employees and stakeholders, including students
  • Ongoing commitment to Student Trustee with an expanded roles

High School Completion

  • Advocacy with Provincial Government to restore Graduation Requirements
  • Ongoing support to increase eligible courses for Graduated Adult Funding
  • Increased Adult Education program including accessible school sites
  • Support for Implementation of New BC Curriculum


  • Restore regular Standing Committee Meeting schedule
  • Approach Standing Committee Meetings as consultative and discussion-based
  • Open consultation and outreach to stakeholder groups
  • Restore full budget consultation with stakeholder groups
  • Commitment to publishing full itemized budget to public


  • Advocacy through the Provincial Funding Formula Review for equitable, sustainable funding based on needs
  • Interministerial advocacy for anti-poverty strategies and support for students
  • Commitment to producing a needs-based budget
  • Full review of budgetary process including input from stakeholders


Nomination Presentation to COPE June 2018

I was a public school teacher and union activist for 35 years. Since I retired, I’ve devoted my time to community issues like poverty and homelessness.

I started my Vancouver teaching career in Vancouver at X’pey Elementary in 1989, what was then called Macdonald Elementary. At that time, most of our students were living in povery. 40 years ago. Too long. We must develop more strategies to solve this problem.

NO CHILD needs to live in poverty. There is enough wealth in this province to ensure that our children our healthy, happy, fed, housed, and safe and that every student’s needs are met in our public schools.

The provincial funding formula needs to be radically overhauled. Many organizations have suggestions for improvement. These should be studied.

The VSB’s own budgeting process needs massive improvements. I have been involved in establishing many budgets. I have never before seen one where only enhancements and deletions are shared. We need to go through the budget line-by-line.

Finally, I will do what Jack Layton asked of us all. I will not “Let them tell me it can’t be done”

I seek your support, your enthusiasm and energy, your creative ideas and your engagement as we work towards a better school system for our students and our communities.